Coldset Printing Partners

Coldset Printing Partners was founded in 2010 as a joint venture of the Belgian coldset printers of the Corelio and Concentra media groups and is the country’s largest newspaper printing company. Since 2017, Coldset Printing Partners has been a 100% subsidiary of Mediahuis.

The quality of our coldset printing works is of the highest standards. For us, it is therefore needless to say, that your printing is handled with the utmost care and is realized in a modern production environment that meets the highest quality requirements and this in as short a lead time as possible.
But Coldset Printing Partners has more to offer: the relationship with our customers is of great importance to us, you are not a number on a file, but a face with a name. We are committed to dealing with you personally and in a customer-friendly manner. We would like to leave a great impression even with the most demanding customers. So do not hesitate to contact us!

You can rely on us for high-quality printing and in various sizes. After printing the products, Coldset Printing Partners can offer you a number of finishing options.

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As an extension of publishers and customers with periodic printing, they are a stable, reliable partner, delivering high-quality printing at market-related prices with as short lead times as possible.
Make a substantial contribution to the profitable growth of the entire group. Create a safe and stable work environment with respect for values and the environment.

Ecological printing

Coldset Printing Partners invests in the latest technology, namely the waterless printing process which will be implemented in July 2018.
Discover the benefits of our environmentally friendly printing process of the highest quality.

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