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Coldset Printing Partners

Ecological printing with the highest quality

Coldset Printing Partners invests in the latest technology, namely the waterless printing process. This offers a number of advantages:

  • No moisture on the paper and no moisture additives. It is thus less polluting to the work environment and to the final product.
  • Much less paper loss at start-up
  • Less paper breaks due to the stable printing process (without water) and, consequently, less paper losses.
  • Better inks in terms of tack (stickiness), resulting in less ink loss in the production process and thus a better working environment.
  • This also means less maintenance and therefore less need for maintenance products.
  • In the long run: Inks will be water-soluble and have a much lower concentration of petroleum-containing components.
  • Therefore, a lacquer installation at final disposal (for print jobs with maximum printing quality) does not require any drying installation, so there is no gas consumption and no VOC’s.
  • Higher print quality
  • Higher screen ruling possible
  • Larger colour space
  • Higher ink densities
  • Sharper print image (due to lower dot gain, the image remains clear)
  • Higher dynamic range (in light / dark tones)
  • Better registry (due to lack of paper stretching from water with conventional offset)
  • More stable production process due to less process variables

Additional benefits of CPP

  • We have a windmill that generates 50% of our energy requirements.
  • We print on 100% recycled paper
  • FSC certified
  • Imprim’Vert certified
  • Iso 14001 certified
  • QI closed-loop ink control

Like the entire printing industry, Printing Partners Coldset must constantly keep moving. In addition to delivering exceptional quality printing, a thorough care for human and planet for Coldset Printing Partners has become a top priority. A justified concern, which must safeguard the future of this and future generations.

You can see a timelapse here from the construction of one of the two dry offset presses…

Coldset Printing Partners has been in possession of the FSCĀ® label since January 2009.

The FSC standard (issued by the Forest Stewardship Council) balances social, economic and environmental interests. Forest management in accordance with this standard, and the associated wood and paper production, relieves forests for present and future generations. The conditions to meet the requirements for an FSC certificate are therefore extremely strict. The goal is to establish a chain of custody, with closely tracking the wood from chopping to the finished product. A specific FSC check is ensured at each step of the production process and at each company involved. Every year, the FSC audit needs to be renewed. A guarantee of responsible forest management. bosbeheer.

Coldset Printing Partners: Your warranty of a durable product.

Following a thorough audit, led by the Lloyd’s inspection body, Coldset Printing Partners achieved the ISO 14001 standard in March 2011. This shows that Coldset Printing Partners is always in compliance with legislation, procedures and rules, including environmental issues.

The ISO 14001 certificate that was issued includes all of our activities as a printing company. In the objectives formulated prior to the audit, Coldset Printing Partners engaged in continually working on rational energy consumption, optimal waste management and management of hazardous products. A clear commitment on every level.

In this way, Coldset Printing Partners has afforded a culture that is consistent with the planning, checking and implementation of legislation and the ISO 14001 standardisation. This creates a tremendous momentum within the company, which translates into a desire for continuous improvement. Coldset Printing Partners, in other words, does not rest on its laurels, but again accepts the challenge every day.

The board subscribes to the following policy principles in its environmental care:

  • work in compliance with relevant laws and regulations
  • integrate environmental care into all departments through thorough communication and awareness
  • work on the preventive approach to environmental impact
  • continuously improve the functioning of the environmental management system

Coldset Printing Partners: ecological energy supply

The wind turbine in our business area produces approximately 3,500 MWh annually, which is about half of what our business uses annually, so CPP also contributes to an ecological energy supply.

Coldset Printing Partners and the French environmental certificate "Imprim'Vert"

Since 18th Mai 2018, Coldset Printing Partners has become member of the French environmental organization.
The audit contains 5 criteria:

1. disposal of hazardous wastes according the standards
2. safe storage of harmful products
3. no use of toxic products
4. monitoring of the energy consumption
5. increasing the environmental awareness of staff and customers

(Nederlands) Coldset Printing Partners is nu ook lid van 'European Waterless Printing Association'!

(Nederlands) Sinds april 2019 is Coldset Printing Partners lid geworden van deze belangrijke vakwerkgroep.

Dit lidmaatschap laat ons toe om met andere leden van gedachten te wisselen rond de diverse thema’s van het waterloos drukken.

Zo kunnen we naar de toekomst toe bepaalde zaken rond de technologie en het gebruik ervan naar een nog hoger niveau tillen!