Coldset Printing Partners ensures an ecological printing process thanks to its waterless printing technology.

Ecological printing

Coldset Printing Partners invests in the latest technology, waterless printing, which contributes to a durable world.

FSC label

The FSC standard ( issued by the Forest Stewardship Council® ) balances social, economic and environmental interests. Forest management in accordance with this standard, and the associated wood and paper production, relieves forests for current and future generations. The conditions to meet the requirements for FSC certification are therefore extremely strict. The goal is to establish a chain of custody, closely monitoring the wood from logging to final product. A specific FSC audit is ensured at each step of the production process and at each company involved. Every year the FSC audit must be renewed, it is a guarantee of responsible forest management. 

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ISO 14001 Certified

Following a thorough audit, led by the LRQA (Lloyds) inspection body, Coldset Printing Partners achieved the ISO 14001 standard in March 2011. This shows that Coldset Printing Partners is always in compliance with legislation, procedures and rules, including environmental issues.

The ISO 14001 certificate that was issued includes all of our activities as a printing company. In the objectives formulated prior to the audit, Coldset Printing Partners engaged in continually working on rational energy consumption, optimal waste management and management of hazardous products. A clear commitment on every level.

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Environmental care

The board subscribes to the following policy principles in its environmental care:

  • work in compliance with relevant laws and regulations
  • integrate environmental care in all departments through extensive communication and awareness
  • work on the preventive approach to environmental impact
  • continuously improving the functioning of the environmental management system

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Ecological energy supply

Durable printing starts with renewable energy. For several years, we have had a windmill that generates 50% of our required energy. In addition, we have solar panels installed, so CPP also contributes to an ecological energy supply.

Coldset Printing Partners and the French environmental certificate Imprim'Vert

Coldset Printing Partners has been awarded the French eco-label Imprim'Vert since 18 May 2018.

The audit 'Imprim'Vert includes 5 criteria that must be met:

  • Waste materials must be avoided to the maximum extent possible, and if they do arise, they must be collected and disposed of through recognised channels.
  • Secure storage of hazardous products (if present).
  • no use of toxic products
  • increasing the environmental awareness of employees and customers.
  • monitoring the energy consumption of the site

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