Sizes and prepress

Sizes and prepress

At Coldset Printing Partners you have the possibility to choose in three formats:








Nordic size


Rheinisch size.


Berlin size.


Special formats.

  • Tabloïd alternative A 285 x 315 mm
  • Tabloïd alternative B 285 x 365 mm
  • Magazine 260 x 295 mm (*)


(*) These are trimmed sizes


How should you provide us with files?
Image files embedded in PDF file as high resolution image (300 dpi) CMYK.
For web print, all data must be in CMYK, no PMS colours, no spot colours, everything converted to CMYK.
The colour profile for the conversion from RGB to CMYK is IsoCoated V2 300 . The profile can be downloaded on Medibelplus.
All profiles and settings can be downloaded from Medibelplus

All fonts used must be embedded in the PDF.
The quality of the printing is highly dependent on the quality of the processed pictures. Guidelines for editing these photos can be found here.

Your contact

Geert Vanderstegen
+32 11 71 72 10


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